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Jude and Tommy

Jude and Tommy/Complicated love
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Welcome to the first jude_n_tommy This is a place where fans that love Instant Star and adore Jude and Tommy played by Tim Rozon and Alexz Johnson then your in the right place.

Jude_n_Tommy was created for fans who admire Jude Harrison and Tom "Tommy" Quincy who are played by Alexz Johnson and Tim Rozon from the hit INSTANT STAR which airs on The N.Jude Harrison won the ultimate prize as the new instant star and she also got a recording deal and a producer by Tom Quincy aka little tommy q. Ever since she won the record deal her life has changed completely.Jude then started falling for Tommy but she knew that it couldn't work but Tommy felt it too,they both cant deny that attraction and its tearing them apart.Tommy and Jude have gone on a wild ride from falling in love to making Jude's album. Jude had it all but she was missing one thing and it was Tommy but since their age difference they have been playing a game of want and cant have. On Jude's 16th birthday Tommy felt bad for Jude since she found out that Shay cheated on her with another girl, Jude had the worst birthday and just got complicated when Tommy kissed her and they both felt something but Tommy knew that it couldn't work because of their age difference but through it all the hard times Jude and Tommy still seems to work together and be able to keep their feelings aside.
1. Play nice. NO bashing and NO put downs of other members, the community, the site, other sites, Tommy Quincy and Jude Harrison...etc. Basically just RESPECT each other.

2. This can not be reiterated enough. LJ-CUT IS YOUR BEST FRIEND!

3. Images, icons, and wallpapers are encouraged! So please share them with your fellow fans!

Image posting rules:
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Larger images such as wallpapers, or multiple screen caps, or even mass amounts of Lj-icons should be behind an LJ-cut as well. This will be greatly appreciated by members who are on dial-up.

If you are posting more than four icons, feel free to leave the first three out, but please put the remainder under a cut for the above reason.

4. If you are going to post fanfiction, please use the following format:

Author's Notes:
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I'm pretty open to whatever fics and pairings anyone wants to post as long as it deals with our favorite INSTANT STAR couple Tommy and Jude ;) Just remember to Respect each other and each other's preferences.

6. So far these are all the rules I can think of at the moment.

Hopefully with the participation and co-operation of everyone we can have fun and share our love for Jude and Tommy aka Tim Rozon and Alexz Johnson. I look forward to everyone's participation and co-operation! So enough with the boring stuff and let's all just have fun

# If u have any question(s) just contact me at azangal87@aim.com.

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